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RSMC specializes in writing research articles, reviews, journal supplements, posters/abstracts, and book chapters as well as newsletters and slides for healthcare providers.

Dr. Jan Redfern personally researches and writes all assignments. Her superlative standard of writing, knowledge of research methods, and expertise in data analysis, interpretation, and presentation ensure that all documents are of the highest caliber and consistency.

Jan is with you every step of the way—from researching the topic, developing the outline, writing the document, communicating with consultants, and creating insightful figures and tables, to submitting to the publisher and addressing reviewers’ comments. The final product is an amalgam of scientific merit, integrity, and transparency.

She has authored/coauthored more than 60 publications and presented personal research at national (including the plenary session of American Gastroenterological Association) and international scientific meetings.

Please take a moment to explore the site and peruse the plethora of Redfern-facilitated articles (writing assistance provided and acknowledged) and coauthored publications, many of which are linked to corresponding full-text articles online.

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